We do carry out diligent and comprehensive laboratory test analysis on 2 defaced or stamped notes before proceeding with the rest of the cleaning to determine if the notes are infected with a virus or degrading due to storage, exposure to air or humidity. For security reasons and company procedure, the technicians do request 2 samples of the anti-breeze notes from the customer to take to the laboratory for appropriate analysis. The laboratory test is being done in our laboratory and results shown and interpreted to the customer. Hence, from the said analysis, we shall determine the appropriate SSD solution chemical required for the cleaning and if infected, we shall discuss with the customer on the best way to go about the cleaning either with the latest automatic black dollar cleaning machine or with other black money cleaning chemicals and powders to be used to complete the cleaning in the required proportion. Besides, we also test for caliper abrasion resistance capacity of the notes due to storage to ensure that they do not tear or wear during manual cleaning. Hence, if the caliper abrasion is compromised, we do condition the defaced currencies with the appropriate black money cleaning chemical before de-inking the defaced currencies with SSD SOLUTION.

We are globally known to be well equipped and have the technical – know-how to clean anti-breeze bank notes ( BLACK DOLLARS, EUROS, POUNDS).
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