We work on a percentage basis with customers who are unable to purchase chemicals or were defrauded by some unscrupulous agents while seeking help in cleaning black money. Hence, we do arrange for a visit either in clients location or our defined location whereby a customer comes with the defaced currencies for laboratory analysis after paying the necessary laboratory testing fee. The analysis will be comprehensively conducted and results given and interpreted to the customer and the customer is advised on the best possible option if he/she does not have the capacity to rent the automatic black dollar cleaning machine. we can work on a percentage basis by sending our qualified technicians to the clients’ location for the black money cleaning provided the customer will shoulder the cost of the flight tickets if it is within the country or pay for the visa procurement formalities and flight tickets of the technicians if the cleaning of black money is done abroad. Besides, all this process comes after we have entered into an agreement with the customer to protect our percentage. We take 10 percent of the total amount after black money cleaning with a black dollar cleaning machine or manual service. All are stated in the AGREEMENT CONTRACT COPIES which we shall send to you.

We can teach you how to clean black money at home with SSD solution chemical solution controlled by the swiss state government against illegal use. To transfer physical cash across boundaries there are security agencies and institutions responsible for coat banknotes. Anti breeze Banknotes are defaced or coated with color chemicals (white, black or green ) that wont destroy the currency. This purpose is to prevent the use of this cash or avoid being stolen in the process of transportation. After a safe arrival of this black money, the clients or agencies involved do seek our expatriate service in cleaning black money. This is just to inform you that our company can clean out deface money
called anti-breeze (stained money) banknotes and we have SSD solution for sale. We are manufacturer and seller of all sort of chemicals which includes s.s.d solution, super automatic solution, vectrol paste and the-magnetic solution, we have different types of chemicals that can perfectly clean out your deface black stacked and dirty currency or banknotes.
If you have a kind of currency and the money is stacked we can help you clean the money, we have helped a lot of people all over the world in this matter, and we have branches all over the world.we can clean your deface money on a percentage basis. If you really want us to help you in this matter you must understand the rules and get back to us by contacting.